Who We Are

Dr. med. Robert Klingl

GP & Chief Medical Officer

As head of primary health care in our general practice, Robert Klingl is the first point of contact for all employee and patient concerns. He ensures professional competence and stands for empathy and team spirit.

FMH General Internal Medicine, SGSM Sports Medicine, SGNOR Emergency Doctor, SAMM Manual Medicine, SWIF Doctor General Internal Medicine, Swiss Federal Office of Transport FOT Medical Officer

Being a general practitioner is wonderful. You act and think sustainably and accompany your patients over long periods of time. The field is broad and demanding, which is why it challenges me and allows me to grow continuously.

German, English, Spanish

Dr. med. univ. Anemone Rutter

Assistant GP

Anemone Rutter studied at the Medical University Vienna and has extensive experience working in a psychiatry. She is our assistant general practitioner. She offers primary health care as well as psychiatric services.

General Medicine, Psychiatry & Psychology

As a doctor, I support my patients in all physical and psychological matters. I am grateful to be able to contribute to the well-being of individuals and society as a whole every day through disease prevention, diagnostics and therapy.

German, English

Marie-Sopie BrackwehrMedical Practice Assistant

Marie-Sophie Brackwehr

Medical Practice Assistant

After having completed her medical training with us, Sophie has decided to work for us full-time as a medical practice assistant. She provides active support in a wide range of tasks.

German, English

Viviane Signer

Medical Process Manager (MPM)

Viviane Signer coordinates and controls the medical processes within the practice. She is also responsible for clinical quality management.

Through my further training as a medical practice coordinator (MPK), I am now able to optimize medical processes concerning e.g. X-rays, the laboratory, the pharmacy or the purchase of medical material. I am very grateful that I can combine my professional interest with working in a great team with wonderful people.

German, English

Lea Droz

Lea Droz

Clinical Finance Manager (CFM)

As CFM, Lea Droz is the go-between to the CFO and is responsible for finance and its related processes. She is the first point of contact in accounting and payroll accounting.

I have never experienced a more authentic general practice. Full responsibility and trust allow me to grow and enjoy my job. All employees are competent and the most important thing: not a trace of arrogance!

German, English, Spanish

Jessica Nef

HR Services

Jessica Nef is responsible for the development and further training of all employees on our team. In addition to being responsible for our trainees, she also coordinates and controls the professional development for doctors and practice managers. As an event manager, she coordinates the logistics of external commissions, in particular presentations, workshops and quality circles.

I just like to laugh and laugh a lot. I look forward to working with this team every day. Our team spirit is just outstanding!

German, English

Kristina HaeringPatient Contact Manager (PCM)

Kristina Haering

Patient Contact Manager (PCM)

As PCM, Kristina Haering is responsible for customer and patient contact. With her empathetic and communicative personality, she ensures that patients receive the best possible care and treatment in all matters.

I love working with people, which is why I feel perfectly at home in my role. A visit to our doctor’s office should be a great experience for our patients – they should feel comfortable and always sense our friendly atmosphere. That motivates me every day!

German, English

Elina Baumann

Medical Practice Assistant in Training

As part of her MPA training, Elina Baumann gains a wide range of insights into practical processes and provides active support in a wide range of tasks.

I’ve only recently joined the team and am just beginning my MPA training, but I’ve been very well received and feel very comfortable. It’s nice to be able to set the course for my professional future in such a pleasant environment.

German, English

Dr. oec. Carsten Paulus

Movement Therapist, Nutritionist & MED4LIFE CEO

Carsten Paulus acts as a health manager for exercise diagnostics, nutritional advice and functional strength training.

Movement Therapist (FMS Certified Member), DSHS Coach for Sports Nutrition, DSHS Fitness Trainer A License, CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Doctorate in Business Administration (Dr. oec. HSG in Marketing)

The preventative treatment and the interest in the long-term well-being of our patients inspires me. Lifelong learning is in our DNA. This means that we improve together every day and are able to help in an even more targeted way.

German, English

Huda Al Naemi quadratisch

Huda Al Naemi

Medical Practice Assistant

Huda has been part of our team since September of 2023. Her tasks include X-ray imaging, laboratory work and hearing tests.

I love my job because I enjoy working with people! I hope to support my team every day and to be a firm rock in times of turbulence.

German, Arabic, English

Soraya Rieser quadratisch

Soraya Rieser

Medical Practice Assistant in Training

Soraya is our newest and youngest member. As part of her MPA training, she gains a wide range of insights into practical processes and provides active support in a wide range of tasks.

I’m very grateful to be able to do my apprenticeship at MEDIZIN AM PARK. I love working with people and our team made me feel at home from the get-go. I look forward to all the things I’m going to learn here!

German, English