Company Overview

Who We Are

As an innovative general practice with a young, dynamic team, we are located in the historic “Ärztehaus am Park” (medical center at the park) at Rorschacherstrasse 19. Due to our location between the museum park and the high school park, we are in the middle of the green heart of the city of St. Gallen. With our penchant for art, we consider ourselves a vibrant and engaged part of St. Gallen’s theater and museum district.

Our Mission

Through our excellent medical advice, we encourage, support and accompany people through the process of becoming the architects of their own health. We reduce “patients” (patiens [latin]: suffering, enduring, bearing) and help people to exploit the full preventive potential of their physical, psychological and social well-being throughout their lifespan.

Our Promise

your health.

your health.

We understand health in terms of salutogenesis; as an active, dynamic construct, in which risk factors and protective factors are constantly interacting. In our daily work, we measurably maximize the buffer zone against illness: We prevent illnesses before they develop and primarily combat the causes – not just the symptoms – of health issues.



Long-term health requires concrete measures and a health-promoting lifestyle. We foster an empathetic, holistic understanding of your individual needs and use our scope of action to accompany you on the way to an increased quality of life.



We are a trustworthy partner for your health. We promote and demand – real change requires competent support, but also personal responsibility on the part of the individual.

Our Values



We are joyful and aware of the meaning of our daily work. We always maintain a healthy optimism and laugh a lot. Our team spirit helps us to cope with difficult times and to emerge stronger from them. We get better every day and never stop learning. This makes us a source of inspiration for other people.



We are mindful when dealing with patients, customers and partners. We take our time and listen. We choose the long-term, holistic perspective and earn the trust placed in us every day by being reliable and delivering on our promises. We live in a healthy balance with ourselves and our environment and have the courage to take new, challenging paths.



We are empathetic individuals who go through life with humility, gratitude and integrity. We love people and show our appreciation by praising, helping and encouraging. We act with integrity in all circumstances of life and stand firm in our values like a deeply rooted tree.