General Medicine

Are you looking for a reliable general practitioner as a medical partner at your side? As your trusted general practitioner, we are the first point of contact for your health concerns and will refer you to others if necessary. With our penchant for prevention, we always try to prevent diseases before they develop.

Travel Medicine

Are you planning a trip and need customized health assistance for your destination and personal medical history? We clarify regional risks and provide vaccination recommendations as well as travel and hygiene tips. We are also happy to take over the management of your vaccinations by reminding you as soon as a vaccination needs to be updated.


Are you looking for a reliable partner for your health care? We can identify your individual risk factors using modern laboratory diagnostics, family history, and data from check-ups. Together we can then select the appropriate therapy path for your long-term well-being.

Family Consultation

Are you looking for a systematic evaluation of your family anamnesis? We accompany parents on their way towards healthy family management and support children, adults and seniors who need targeted health advice.


Are you looking for competent advice on complex nutritional questions or would you like to optimize your sports nutrition? Our interdisciplinary team can support you in the analysis and planning of your individual diet. With shopping advice, refrigerator checks and other tailored methods, we help you establish healthy dietary habits.

Complementary Medicine

Would you like access to alternative healing methods to treat your individual symptoms? Our medical doctors have expanded their range of treatments to include effective complementary healing methods such as body talk and hypnosis.

Sports Medicine

Do you suffer from acute or chronic sports injuries? Are you wondering what the optimal treatment path for you would look like? As a general practice specializing in sports medicine, we advise on the selection of a suitable rehabilitation for a timely and sustainable return to an athletic lifestyle.

Movement Diagnostics

How functional are your basic movement patterns? Do you experience movement restrictions and/or pain? We assess your individual movement profile and recommend specific measures to correct dysfunctions and asymmetries.

Functional Training

Do you have mobility or motor control limitations? Or are you looking for inspiration to return to full health and regain your vigor? We put together a training plan tailored to your needs and act as your support system.

Occupational and Company Medicine

Are you concerned about risk factors in the workplace? Do you need work-related preventive and aptitude tests? Our ARBEITSMED consolidates our specialist medical expertise in occupational medicine. More on this at:

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Our Team

Training Partner

There is a shortage of young people in the field of outpatient primary care in eastern Switzerland. The Joint Medical Master (JMM-HSG/UZH) is the Master’s program for the School of Medicine at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in cooperation with the University of Zurich (UZH), which trains and promotes young Swiss doctors. As a credentialed teaching practice and certified training center for general internal medicine, we support high-quality medical training in the canton of St. Gallen using innovative teaching methods. We are involved in the following modules of the longitudinal curriculum:

  • Half and full-day assignments in the Bachelor’s program (internship and transfer days)
  • Half and full-day assignments in the first year of the Master’s program clinical course in general medicine and basic care in the general practice (individual tutorials)
  • Sub-assistant positions in the elective year of study

We are proud to be able to contribute to the training of future generations of doctors!

"As part of my studies, I had the opportunity to experience a day in the general practice at Medizin am Park. First, I was familiarized with the everyday work of an MPA. I gained insight into the laboratory, the various examination devices and how to deal with patients. As a highlight, I was also able to take part in some consultation sessions and lend a hand, with the appropriate supervision. I was well looked after from the start and the team tried to show me as much as possible. The staff were very open and made me feel very welcome. I really appreciate this opportunity to get a glimpse into the daily routine of a general practice."

"As part of the HSG's Joint Medical Master, I was allowed to spend a day in the Medizin am Park practice in St. Gallen with Dr. med. Robert Klingl. In the morning, I was warmly welcomed and familiarized with the practice and the tasks of the MPAs. Afterwards, I was able to go through the basics of anamnesis together with Dr. Barbara Hainich and then observe her directly in various consultation sessions with patients. A big compliment to all the employees of the practice; they took the time to answer all my questions and to draw attention to potential stumbling blocks in my future career as a doctor. Thank you very much for the instructive day and I hope you can keep up the great spirit!"

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